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Specialists in Autodesk solutions and 3D laser scanning

Tick Cad offers solutions based on Autodesk's CAD software, Leica scanners and Matterport's 3D cameras.
In addition, we develop our own software that optimizes workflows

Save time with Tick Tool apps

Time-saving Inventor Add-ons

Tick Tool is a standard add-on to Autodesk Inventor which effectively ensures a good overview and gives you a one-click option for creating and updating all downstream documentation. With the application comes a very simple graphical interface that provides you with a visual security for valid data.

Tick Tool has been developed in close collaboration with Tick Cad's customers and addresses the timesaving needs all Inventor users experience in their daily work.

The ongoing development of Tick Tool apps is also made in close collaboration with the customers to ensure the software always meet the demands in the market.

Save 3 to 5 hours every week

It speaks for itself...

A survey among Tick Tool customers shows that manufacturing companies, on average, save between 3 to 5 working hours each week working with Tick Tool.

Further, the survey emphasizes that the primary values that comes along with the use of Tick Tool are better project overviews and a significant reduction of errors in the projects.

Top-notch usability

Tick Tool have installations worldwide. One of the reasons why customers choose Tick Tool is the user-friendliness, which has been a top priority from the start, regardless of whether it is about installation, setup, or the user interface. 47% of Tick Tool users rate the usability of the software to be “Very Good”, 46% rate it to be “Good”.

Here’s e few of our customers preferred Tick Tools.

Tick Tool Manage
Tick Tool Basic
Tick Tool Workspace
Tick Tool Sync
Tick Tool Q

Tick Tool webinars

Tick Cad is a certified Autodesk Gold Partner specialized in product Design & Manufacturing and Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Since 2013, Tick Cad has developed and maintained Tick Tool, an add-on for Autodesk Inventor, which ensures consistent structure and healthy workflows for everyone who works with 3D CAD design, documentation and production.

We regularly hold webinars on the use of Tick Tool within different industries


How to save time in Autodesk Inventor with Tick Tool Apps

Tick Tool

Time-saving apps for your work with

Autodesk Inventor


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