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Keep track of your number series


Tick Tool’s number generator offers the possibility of using different number series on file types, projects and customers. You can easily set up the number generator in Excel and create project or customer-specific number series and retrieve the next available number from the ERP or SQL.


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Quick overview of files and documentation


There are a lot of challenges facing project-based companies, where documentation changes from project to project. Tick Tool Multiprocess takes all derived files and ensures that they are placed in the right folders. This means no manual processing, fewer errors and faster file handling.


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From request to  offer in 2 minutes


Are you a subcontractor with customer requests for offers in DXF, DWG or PDF? With Tick Tool Q, you get quick generation of quotes with the price based on cutting time, weight, item price etc. Here, quantity, plate thickness and material are selected, contours are closed, and engravings are added.


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Make designing in Autodesk Inventor more efficient

Using Autodesk Inventor and working with 3D drawings, you probably know that time and structure mean everything. Many Autodesk users struggle getting the right overview of the hundreds of parts, elements and drawings.

Imagine Autodesk software that speeds up your process and gives you more time for what matters. A CAD tool that acts as your daily assistant, giving you a complete overview of all the different elements, data and statuses.

No more manual adding and clicking in different files or folders. With Tick Tool, you will always have the updated and revised version of your drawings – with just one click. An Autodesk add-on that helps you work smarter, faster and with fewer errors.

Save 3-5 hours of work every week. This is possible with our CAD tool, Tick Tool.

The experience of our Tick Tool users speaks for itself:

  • They save up to 5 hours a week when working in Autodesk Inventor.
  • More than 90% are very satisfied with the software's user-friendliness.
  • They significantly reduce errors in projects and workflows.


Tick Tool ensures consistent structure and healthy workflows for anyone working with 3D CAD design, CAD documentation and production.


Overview of your Inventor models

Get a complete overview of your ITP files and collect important drawing information, such as project number, delivery, quantity and “where used” information.

Clear files status overview

Check if the files for production are created and updated to the latest version.

Colour codes show you the status.

Quick file generation

Export parts list to Excel and generate all files with just one click, including PDF, IDW, DWG, STP, and DXF files.

A “right-click” menu makes file access easy.

Print of project documentation 

Print production orders with PDF or DXF files and quickly and easily print picking and purchase lists for parts.

Integrated directly in Inventor

Tick Tool is directly integrated into and accessible from the user interface of Autodesk Inventor for your ease of use.

Find the Tick Tool that matches your needs

We developed Tick Tool with our customers in mind and development continues in line with the industry’s requirements.

The Tick Tool series is not reserved exclusively for Inventor users. Our Tick Tool - Q is perfect for subcontractors, while the Tick Tool Jobserver is ideal for data management. Common to all is a clear graphical user interface that provides visual security for valid data.

We help you find the Tick Tool that matches your processes and help you install and integrate it with your ERP and PIM system if needed.


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