GST Denmark ApS is a development and sales company with more than 15 years of experience in the manufacture of agricultural machinery and processing of steel. The company delivers advanced innovations for field work all over the world, and the products are developed in collaboration with customers to ensure maximum value and quality.

For GST Denmark it’s all about stability and credibility in terms of quality and good customer service.

To ensure that the company continues to live up to its values, the strategy is to further develop their data management processes and maintain a frontrunner position throughout their supply chain.

Therefore, management looks for a solution that supports GST Denmark in managing data as well as the complete product lifecycle.

Strong collaboration and control of data - always

GST wants to be able to:

  • Manage data and processes
  • Have full control of product lifecycles
  • Bring better products to market faster while delivering excellent customer service

This includes overview of change management workflows, enabling departments and subcontractors to benefit from data while ensuring that all revisions are up to date and data is distributed to the right people at the right time.

The aim for GST Denmark is a further strengthened collaboration and design reuse, reducing errors, and boosting productivity with centralized data management.


Tick Tool providing overview

With a focus on managing data and strengthening the control of product lifecycles, GST Denmark turned to Tick Cad for a comprehensive solution. A combination of Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection and Vault Professional was implemented with Tick Tool as an added tool for overview and quick handling of documents.

Together the three programs tackle:

  • Innovation and solution design
  • Management and control of revisions and data, ensuring that subcontractors always know that they are using the latest version. Simultaneously, GST Denmark are able to keep track of who has access to what and which revisions are being used throughout the supply chain.
  • Complete overview and easy access to updating data.


Correct data throughout the supply chain

Today, GST Denmark benefits from its software setup overseeing product data management and product lifecycle management. Products and product parts are manufactured globally in the most optimal way. Subcontractors know which revisions to use at all times, while GST Denmark are in complete control of the distributed data. That is both sustainable and quality assuring.

Even when the manufacturing of various parts differs from subcontractor to subcontractor, data is managed automatically, and the end user gets a perfectly operating machine. Therefore, the company continues to live up to its values of quality and service, both to customers and partners along with employees and management.


Ready for the future

GST Denmark set out to strengthen its operations and support product data management along with product lifecycle management. The benefits are vast and comprehensive, ultimately leading to a high level of quality and service while enforcing collaboration across the supply chain.

GST Denmark is ready for further growth and international expansions in the future.