LSS - Labelling Systems Scandinavia A/S has a strategic goal of increasing revenue by 50% by 2025. To achieve this, the company has found the perfect software solution to support the design and documentation flow, in collaboration with Tick Cad. 

LSS is a market-leading Danish company with more than 40 years of experience in developing machines for labelling products, especially for the pharmaceutical and food industries.
In other words, the company supplies products to strictly regulated industries, where customers are constantly met with demanding requirements for documentation of quality and compliance. These requirements must be met for LSS' customers to obtain the necessary certification and license-to-operate.

At the same time, LSS is a player in a global market where competition is high, and prices are constantly under pressure. With strict adherence to its principle of maintaining high quality while focusing on core tasks, as well as the goal of 50% revenue growth by 2025, LSS needs a design and documentation solution that optimises deliveries and workflows and provides its customers with additional promotion of their competitiveness.

Autodesk Inventor & Vault

LSS uses the Autodesk Collection, especially Inventor Professional and Vault Professional. When LSS uses Inventor, it naturally has access to the best software for designing the specialised labelling machines that customers demand. Implementation of Vault Professional enables LSS to reuse sub-component designs  more easily.

Mechanical Engineering Manager, Martin Sonne Sørensen emphasises that it not only leads to significant time savings – meaning lower production costs – but also significantly reduces errors in production.

"We save approximately 4 hours of entry on each project we deliver by using the Tick Tool"
Mechanical Engineering Manager, Martin Sonne Sørensen, LSS

LSS - Labelling Systems Autodsk Inventor Vault Tick Cad

The implementation of Autodesk Vault Professional and job processes gives LSS complete control over revisions and history during the design and development phase. It also makes it easy to share documentation with suppliers and customers, which is essential for optimised workflows and offers a high level of certainty in all work processes.

Tick Tool

As a link between Inventor, Vault, and Business Central, LSS uses Tick Cad's specially developed software solution; Tick Tool. 
Tick Tool is a standard add-on for Inventor that efficiently ensures an overview and 1-click creation and updating of all downstream documentation. Furthermore, Tick Tool has a super-simple graphical interface that provides visual assurance of valid data. 

For LSS, this means using a standard tool to ensure that production-critical solutions are kept up-to-date with Inventor and Vault releases, service packs and changes in customer needs.

"Our customers need accurate and complete documentation that verifies that the equipment meets all the URS requirements in its design, manufacture and operation. With Tick Tool, we can quickly and easily gather precisely the type of documentation they need in the right formats."
Martin Sonne Sørensen, Mechanical Engineering Manager, LSS

LSS - Labelling Systems Tick Tool Tick Cad

For LSS Labelling Systems Scandinavia A/S, the overall solution is an essential foundation for their growth strategy, and if they need further optimization of the solution, then both the software and the partner are the right match.

"When we encounter a problem that we can't solve with regular software, Tick Cad can always help us create an extra button or tool to solve it."
Mechanical Engineering Manager, Martin Sonne Sørensen, LSS

Software products:

Autodesk PD&M Collection
Autodesk Vault Professionel
Tick Tool

For more information about the solution, please contact:

Martin Sonne Sørensen, LSS tlf.: 70 20 25 00

Karina H. de Lichtenberg, Tick Cad tlf.: 72 118 184

If your company needs advice or help to setup Autodesk Inventor, Vault, Tick Tool or integration with your company's ERP system, please contact us for a non-binding offer.