Beritech Solutions are specialists in handling fluids, process technology, and facility technology. They invest in new technology on an ongoing basis in order to support their customers’ needs.

Beritech Solutions wins with Tick Tool

As one of three cornerstones in Beritech Group, Beritech Solutions always delivers projects that help customers improve product quality while increasing productivity. With professional pride and curiosity, Beritech explores the possibilities within food processing, ensuring that they continuously provide the best counseling and project management in the field.

Autogenerated .dxf og .pdf for production

Beritech continues to invest in new machines, enabling the company to adapt to customers’ needs and wishes. Adaptability at lightning-speed, fast delivery, and customer-specific demands make it critical for Beritech to have a software platform that supports these criteria.

”We save a lot of time using Tick Tool, as we fairly quickly can pull a file showing the amount needed to be produced of any item ”, Lena Buchardt Frederiksen, Project Manager, Beritech Group

Beritech uses Tick Tool along with Autodesk Inventor. The software is an add-on with a line of time-saving features, helping businesses create exact overviews of tasks and generating .dxf and .pdf files for production.

A future with growth and close collaborations

Another positive effect following the usage of Autodesk Inventor is that it has become easier to attract new colleagues and to collaborate with subcontractors.

”The collaboration with Tick Cad provides us with security and support, so that we can deliver what we need”, Lena Buchardt Frederiksen Project Manager, Beritech Group

The plans for the future at Beritech Group are to continue the positive growth. This is, among other things, backed up by integrations between the company’s CAD and ERP systems that are supposed to decrease the number of production errors, speed up processes, minimize mistakes, and shorten response times.

”I believe in the future, I believe that we can grow even further and faster with the solutions from Autodesk and Tick Cad”, Lena Buchardt Frederiksen, Project Manager, Beritech Group

See here, where project manager, Lena Buchardt Frederiksen, tells about Beritech Solutions’ use of Autodesk Inventor, Vault, Navisworks, Recap and Tick Tool, and learn more about the company’s view on the future.

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