Tick Tool - Manage

Tick Tool - Manage

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Save time by speeding up your construction and reducing mistakes with Tick Tool Basic.

Tick Tool - Manage

Do you work with projects or use the help of subcontractors? 

Are you in a continuous need to send orders with drawings: pdf, dxf, and the others? 

Tick Tool Manage can save your time and help you avoid mistakes.




Project overview – fast and effective

  • Overview of ipt-status
  • Understanding whether idw, pdf, dxf files exist
  • Working with any VAULT (Basic, WorkGorup and PRO)






Correct placement of documentation files

  • Fast creation of DXF,STP, PDF etc files for production
  • Sorting out your files for cutting
  • Sorted into folders by thickness,total quantuty etc
  • Having the right documentation  in the right place at the right time
  • PDF copy of the work is generated via the button on the Place Views tab when saving.
  • Securing an optimized and effecient workflow 



Tick Tool - Manage provides you with an operational cockpit overview

  • Traffic light overview for all downstream files 
  • Update status on the local machine and in Vault
  •  All pdf, dxf and other files, generated with one click (or on relase)
  • BOM exported with one click to EXCEL
  • Additional information on drawings (project №, delivery week etc.)
  • Where used information- overview with number
  • Working with frame generator, tubes and pipes, phqantom and virtual sand other multibody solids.
  • Print spare parts, picking lists and any other lists on release
  • Possibility to retrieve additional information  from ERP, SQL, etc. by webservice usage.
  •  Print production order with pdf or dxf files

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