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Tick Tool - Q

Are you a subcontractor and receive a large number of requests for offers from customers on the basis of dxf, dwg and pdf?

With Tick Tool Q you get the tool for quick generation of quotes in an overall overview, where the price is calculated on the basis of cutting time, shots, plate price, weight, item price per piece or per order.

The files are opened in Tick Tool -Q, where quantity, plate thickness, material and machine are selected, contours are closed, and engravings are added.

Close contours and get visual validation in the viewer

  • Smart viewer with the option of cleaning up unwanted geometry
  • Automerge of unclosed contours
  • Visual validation of geometry
  • Add and edit geometry

Once the data is complete, routes and operations are added quickly, and the price is calculated.

Routes and operations

Add routes and operations based on machine selection, material, customer preferences and print quotes for the customer.Fast creation of DXF,STP, PDF etc files for production

Additional benefits

Tick Tool - Q does not require a CAD license
Tick Tool - Q puts the files ready for production
Tick Tool - Q can be integrated with your financial system

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