Tick Tool – Sync 7-15 user

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Tick Tool Sync

Do you need common and uniform setup of templates, settings and properties as well as the company's other templates eg. Office,

Tick Tool Sync is a valuable tool that can save you a lot of time and trouble.

Tick Tool Sync Admin (TTSA)

  • One administrator of settings for Tick Tool, AutoCAD and Inventor
  • Automatic synchronization of properties on all accounts
  • One single administrator of settings in the Office package
  • Control of all Autocad settings etc
  • Control of settings, styles and templates etc for Inventor 


  • The administrator can see when there are updates to the Tick Tool.
  • The administrator has the following options for communicating with clients:

                              -Sync = Forcing the client to update
                              -Update = Pop Up window for client
                             - Message = Message is displayed as a balloon

Tick Tool Sync Client (TTSC)

  • Automatic synchronization of client properties and set-up time every day or manually.
  • If the administrator so wishes, a user can also have their own settings
  • An update can be postponed if the administrator so desires

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