Tick Tool – Workspace

Optimizes your data discipline.
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Tick Tool - Workspace

 A cleanup tool for all Vault users. Optimizes your data discipline.


Keep track of your files in Vault Workspace

It can be a challenge to keep track of the status on files in Vault Workspace. There may be local files that are not checked in to Vault, and often there will be files in your workspace that are checked in and therefore can be deleted in order to create space on the local machine.   


Tick Tool - Workspace

provides you with an overview of the files in your local workspace, and with only a few clicks you can sort and select the files that you ought to check in as well as the files that can be deleted.   

In other words, Tick Tool – Workspace is recommended for all Vault users as cleanup-tool that supports and optimizes the daily workflow in Vault. 


 Tick Tool - Workspace is a tool for: 

  • Providing an overview of your local workspace   
  • Scanning of entire folder structures 
  • Opening files in the local workspace 
  • Quickly cleaning up your local workspace 
  • Sorting files by formats 
  • Quick and easy access to files location

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